Who Can Be Referred?

Who Can be Referred?

Referrals Policy & Procedure

Home-Start Merton has a referral policy, and only limits referrals where there is a lack of resources.

ALL Referrals must be made with the consent of the family

Home-Start Merton does NOT provide the following:

A babysitting service


Do not visit every day

Do not provide a school drop off/pick up service

Referral Criteria:

  • Families experiencing difficulties
  • At least one child under 5
  • Living in the borough of Merton

Home-Start is not a crisis intervention service and we are not able to respond at very short notice.

Home-Start Merton is committed to offering a service to families regardless of religion, disability, gender, sexuality or ethnic background

How To Refer a Family

  • F%20f%20(5)_boy_upset_with_mum_jpgTalk to the family about Home-Start
  • Contact Home-Start Merton
  • Discuss availability of volunteers – there may be a waiting period
  • A referral form indicating the reason for referral must then be completed.
  • Referrals must be password protected.

What Happens After Referral?

  • F%20d(7)_listening_on_sofa_jpgA co-ordinator will visit the family to discuss their needs and the support we can offer.
  • If attempts to contact the family by phone are unsuccessful the co-ordinator will write suggesting a time and date for an initial visit.
  • After assessment a volunteer is carefully selected for the family and the co-ordinator will introduce the volunteer to the family.
  • Occasionally a family may need to wait for a suitable volunteer to become available.
  • The referrer will be contacted with information about the nature and level of support offered.
  • Further contact between Home-Start and the referrer may be made through Home-Start Merton as necessary.

Self Referrals

You can self refer by calling the scheme on 020 8646 6044. Your call will be strictly confidential. We will ask permission to speak to your health visitor or any other professional who may already be supporting you.