What Our Families Say

What Our Families Say

Names have been omitted to protect confidentiality.

F%20g(22)_happy_heads_in_jpg“I’ve been with Home-Start since the birth of my fourth son in. I found it difficult to juggle a baby and toddler who was just turned one year old, therefore I was offered support. Home-Start has great employees who are hard working, and support and encourage parents. My volunteer helps give me support and encouragement to help with everyday situations that sometimes seem a dead-end.It’s been lovely and a real help just to get this support. We (I and Home-Start) feel that we work as a family. 

We also have summer outings, like Butlins and Littlehampton which are at reasonable prices so that families can have at least an outing without the worry of spending so much. I can express myself openly without anybody judging me at Home-Start. Depending on what I want, my volunteer accompanies me and we experience things I wouldn’t do on my own with my children, as I feel I would be unable to cope.

I feel motivated to work through my problems and get through the day. Without a volunteer I felt I couldn’t cope with the demands of three under fives at home. Therefore it really helps to have a volunteer.

“My volunteer has been of enormous value to myself and my family. At times, I don’t know how we would have managed without her!”

“I felt the support given to my family was excellent. I had a very good relationship with my volunteer and she encouraged me as a mum and individual and gave me positive feedback. It helped me get through a hard time in my life. I would definitely use the service again if I was having difficulties in my life.”

C%20b(2)_twins_not_sharing_jpg“As a mother of twins I received support from Home-Start Merton when the boys were 5 months old. I had been finding things very difficult I was diagnosed with post-natal depression by my health visitor and my husband’s work was mostly in the evenings. A volunteer came to help me one evening a week, to help with bath and bedtime routine, by which time I was very exhausted after a long day. We have all, as a family, found our volunteer very supportive and developed a valuable friendship. Thank you Home-Start”

“Through coming to Home-Start both me and my children have developed greatly and we have always been lucky enough to have the support of the staff and other families. Our confidence in ourselves and around others has grown a great deal and I know that my children have benefited from the stability of the group. Thank you to you all.”

“I find Home-Start Merton a brilliant idea. It is a great help and support for anyone in my situation. I would like to express my appreciation towards the staff for being so kind and understanding.”